From Marrakech it is a leisurely drive to the Atlantic Coast and the former Portuguese stronghold of Essaouira. Despite seeing an increase in visitors over the years, this town remains one of Morocco's best-kept secrets. Complete with a bustling historical centre and surrounded by ancient city walls, Essaouira is a delightful destination for a day trip. Explore the atmospheric alleyways of the ancient medina, and the old ochre ramparts which now provide protection from the wind-assisted waves of the Atlantic Ocean. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE ORIGINALLY BUILT ON A ROCKY PENINSULA AND OVERLOOKING THE ATLANTIC, ESSAOUIRA IS ONE OF MOROCCO'S MUST-SEE DESTINATIONS. WITH A WHITEWASHED MEDINA ENCLOSED BY HUGE PINK SANDSTONE RAMPARTS WHICH IS LISTED AS A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, AND WITH A RICH PORTUGUESE AND ANDALUSIAN HERITAGE, ESSAOUIRA HOLDS GREAT APPEAL. FROM A LONG WHITE SANDY BEACH AND DUNES TO A BUSTLING FISHING PORT WITH EXCELLENT SEAFOOD AND COLOURFUL WOODEN FISHING BOATS, ESSAOUIRA HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAVOURITE RETREAT OF HIPPIES, SAILORS, ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS.